Fees and funding

Flexible and transparent pricing options

The Priory Group of Companies strives to deliver an inclusive service that provides a range of innovative pricing plans and personalised packages for both individuals and public bodies. Please contact us for more information or to discuss the options available to you.

Choosing to self-fund

There are many reasons why people choose to pay to receive expert and dedicated treatment with the Priory Group. It may be because local NHS providers do not offer the specific treatment necessary, or that there is insufficient capacity and long waiting times. Alternatively, you may simply prefer the peace of mind of receiving rapid-access and expert care from the UK’s leading independent provider of mental healthcare and addiction treatment services.

We are able to book appointments at a time to suit you, with the assurance that our specialist teams can deliver the right care with the best possible outcomes. You will usually need a GP referral prior to commencing treatment, and will be assessed by a consultant psychiatrist to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Using your private medical insurance policy

Your policy will require you to obtain a GP referral before undergoing treatment at any Priory facility, and you will be requested to provide your insurance policy details at the time of booking the initial consultation, so pre-authorisation may be agreed with the insurance provider.

The Priory Group are registered and approved providers for all of the UK’s leading private medical insurance schemes. Different policies cover different levels of care, so for any queries, it is advisable to contact your local Priory facility’s admissions team.

Working in partnership with the NHS

As over 85% of the services provided by the Priory Group of Companies are publicly funded, we work closely with commissioners across the country to provide transparent pricing models and evidence-based care packages for vulnerable people at every stage of their recovery.

Our pricing plans are specifically designed to ensure a transparent and efficient process for referrers, and our cost frameworks include episode pricing, with discounts for volume and measured outcomes. The Priory Group is also happy to discuss relapse prevention guarantees as part of our episode pricing framework. 

Fees and funding for Priory Education and Children's Services

Local authorities, social services, education departments and health departments are responsible for referring young people into our schools and colleges and also for paying their school fees. Parents have a right to be involved in the arrangement of provision.

Our transparent pricing structures ensure that fees are matched to the service needs of the individual and are reviewed annually in response to any changes. Guaranteed fee reductions ensure that as children and young people progress and become more independent, their fees will reduce accordingly.