Our Psychiatric and Intensive Care (PICU) services

To make a placement, call our 24/7 referral line: 0800 090 1356

Our intensive care services have been developed over 20 years and are adept at dealing with service users in a severe phase of illness, who cannot be managed on an acute unit. Our staff teams have extensive experience in managing high levels of disturbance, allowing the units to admit from a variety of settings including other PICUs.

Priory's experience of supporting people with complex needs and challenging behaviours, along with co-existing issues (such as substance misuse), puts our services at the forefront of specialised intensive care.

Our PICUs meet the Department of Health’s National Minimum Standards for ‘General Adult Services in Psychiatric Intensive Care Units’.

Who do we support?

  • Individuals in need of intensive care
  • Individuals detained under the Mental Health Act
  • Those with a wide range of mental health conditions
  • Individuals at risk of violence and aggression, and those who are psychotic and unpredictable
  • Risk profiles from medium to high
  • Those at risk of suicide
  • Service users from other PICUs, prisons, police custody, secure services, Acute services and the community

Our approach to PICU services

Our model of care is designed to meet the needs of those with behaviours that challenge. Service users may present with a high level of acuity, and so require a safe and therapeutic environment to manage their level of risk, and safely yet swiftly start them on their road to recovery. Priory’s individual packages of care for those presenting with the highest levels of acuity focus on:

  • Intensive, multidisciplinary, therapeutic programmes aimed at delivering evidenced-based interventions in order to rapidly reduce acute symptoms
  • Promoting self-management and recovery
  • An initial physical health screen and management
  • Ensuring a short length of stay, prior to transfer to a less restrictive environment
  • Out-of-hours rapid admission (often paper-based) for emergency and urgent assessment, seven days a week

For further information on the full range of Priory services, please call: 0800 090 1356. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here.