Our approach to treatment

Priory's approach to addiction treatment and rehabilitation

Priory hospitals provide a supportive and caring environment with services that deliver proven clinically effective outcomes. We offer a nationwide network of specialist clinicians who will devise an individually tailored addiction treatment programme for you. This will ensure that you achieve your best possible outcomes with us.

Our consultant-led teams of addiction specialists provide treatment for single and multi-substance addictions, including alcohol, drugs and stimulants, as well as behavioural addictions including sex, gambling, eating, shopping and the internet. We work closely with you to identify the patterns of destructive behaviour and social impact that the addiction has upon your life and the lives of people closest to you.

Your pathway to rehabilitation

Once you have made the decision to seek help for your addiction, you are able to receive your free, initial assessment with one of our highly experienced therapists. You may decide to visit your GP either before or after your assessment, and they will be able to formally refer you into one of our hospitals for a consultation.

Overcoming your addiction – one step at a time

Your personalised treatment programme is designed to suit your needs, and offers different stages of treatment to reflect the intensity of the medical and therapeutic support that is required. This process enables you to step up or down from each stage seamlessly:

Residential rehabilitation

  • Provides a safe and supportive environment for detoxification and addiction treatment
  • Offers 24-hour care and support
  • Includes input from a multidisciplinary team of consultant psychiatrists and psychologists, therapists and nurses
  • 24-hour referrals with places available 365 days a year

Day therapy

  • Continues to identify triggers to prevent relapse
  • Suitable as a step-down from residential rehabilitation or a step-up from outpatient therapy
  • Flexible around work and personal commitments

Outpatient therapy

  • Offers consultant and therapist assessment and treatment plans
  • Suitable as a step-down from day therapy
  • Flexible around work and personal commitments

Getting the right help when you need it most

Around 25% of people treated for an addiction at the Priory are also diagnosed with a common mental health condition. These conditions can include depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We also provide specialist treatment for those with an eating disorder, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

With onsite access to specialist clinicians for every type of mental health illness, you can be sure to receive seamless access to the best treatment for your individual needs.

For more details on the full range of Priory services, please call 0800 144 8969 or click here to make an enquiry.