Cocaine detox

Cocaine misuse affects the lives of countless individuals and families throughout the United Kingdom. A powerful stimulant typically found in white powder form, cocaine is a highly addictive substance.

If you misuse cocaine for long periods of time, your mental, physical and emotional health and well-being will be impacted in a variety of damaging ways.

Known for its brief but intense high, cocaine is a substance that you may build up a tolerance to as your body and mind become accustomed to the presence of the drug in your system. You may find yourself requiring more frequent and larger doses to achieve the desired effects, and when this happens, you may be struggling with a cocaine addiction that will require detox to overcome.

What happens during cocaine detox?

The decision to enter treatment is never a simple one, but with our programme can help you detox from cocaine where your safety and comfort can be assured.

Detox programmes allow you to stop using harmful substances like cocaine, without having to endure a painful withdrawal. At Priory, we offer medically led cocaine detox support, involving:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring by nurses and medical staff
  • On-site medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • A substance-free environment that virtually removes the possibility of relapse
  • Prescription medications when needed, such as diazepam, alprazolam or hypnotics, to provide greater comfort during the detox process
  • Seamless transition into next steps in your treatment plan

Prolonged cocaine use is associated with medical disorders such as depression, anxiety and paranoid states which may be permanent. If you abruptly stop taking cocaine you may experience discomfort, and you may be tempted to resume using. This cycle of attempted and failed withdrawal attempts can make achieving abstinence very difficult. Fortunately there are treatment programmes available that offer specialised care for those who are addicted to cocaine.

Benefits of cocaine detox at Priory

During detox you will strengthen your body and clear your mind.  As you feel stronger, our staff will encourage you to begin getting involved with therapeutic activities like group therapy.  Addicts will isolate themselves from their families and friends but by choosing to participate in group therapy, you can start breaking this pattern and start forging bonds with others who share similar experiences.

The Priory actively encourage involvement of families in the programme.  With your agreement, family members will provide a collateral letter about their experiences of your using and will be invited to attend a day of your inpatient treatment, to help them become part of your recovery.

After discharge we encourage attendance at a weekly evening aftercare meeting, these are free for life.  Where appropriate, we advise continued therapy with an experienced 1-2-1 therapist.  We also encourage attendance at an appropriate fellowship meeting usually; AA, NA or CA.

For patients who have particularly entrenched addictions we may ask them to consider further residential treatment in a “secondary care” facility, this can be for between 3-6 months at a  Priory facility in the UK or South Africa

For further details on how Priory can provide you with further assistance regarding Cocaine Detox please call  0800 840 3219 or click here for a free addiction assessment.