Addiction therapies and group programmes

Priory hospitals provide an extensive range of therapy services including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and specialist treatment packages. 

Treatment is delivered in safe, supportive environments that promote individual care, innovative services and positive outcomes. Our goal is to strengthen the personal resources of our patients and to help them to function independently with greater knowledge, confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to get more out of life.

Priory therapy services

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) - looks at exploring and challenging the links between thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms and behaviour
  • Psycho-educational workshops - helps patients to focus on practical areas relating to food, eating and biological aspects of health
  • Exercise and activity classes - dedicated to addressing the physical as well as emotional wellbeing, such as yoga, tai chi, relaxation and exercise classes
  • Psychodynamic therapy - addresses, expresses and explores patients' feelings in a supportive environment
  • Assertiveness therapy - encourages patients to gain insight into their own behaviour and begin to understand responses from other people, with a focus on personal responsibility
  • Body image therapy - provides an opportunity to challenge cognitive distortions of body shape, and enhance awareness of symbolic meanings that patients attach to their bodies
  • Creative and experiential groups - encourages different forms of expression, such as art therapy, meditation, mindfulness and psychodrama
  • Educational and vocational programmes - tailored to the needs and abilities of each patient, with accredited assessment facilities and the opportunity to learn practical skills that can be productively utilised post-discharge
  • Occupational therapy - promotes personal independence through developing skills in everyday living tasks and provides practical solutions to activities
  • Speech and language therapy - highly trained and specialised speech and language therapists are dedicated to helping facilitate the development of language and communication skills to encourage social interaction
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) - combines elements of exposure therapy and CBT with eye movement techniques

Priory therapy teams

Our therapy centres are managed by experienced therapy service managers and a lead consultant psychiatrist. Our therapy teams include psychologists, accredited therapists and nurses, all of whom:

  • Have undergone extensive training in the specific forms of therapy that they deliver
  • Are registered with a professional body
  • Are regularly supervised by a senior colleague
  • Are engaged in continuing professional development
  • Undergo annual appraisals and have measured clinical outcomes for their patients

Day therapy services

Priory offers fast access to a range of affordable and personalised therapies, with convenient day, evening and weekend appointments available. To find out more about Priory's day therapy services, please click here.