“What I lost” – The real stories of addiction…

So often we see headlines discussing the disturbing levels of addiction within society, whether it’s worries about the amount of alcohol we drink or the fact that nearly one in three adults has admitted taking an illegal substance in their life, as highlighted in The Guardian.

Just last month, a study by children’s charity NSPCC found that a tenth of 12 – 13 year olds felt they were ‘addicted’ to pornography, sadly highlighting the stark reality that anyone can become addicted no matter the age.

But we rarely stop and think about the long term affects of addiction. In an effort to raise awareness of the destructive reality of addiction, we posted a survey on our Twitter account, @Priory Group, asking those living with addiction to share their experiences and describe the reality of what having an addiction had cost them. Their responses were candid and heartfelt…

Unfortunately, the stigma which surrounds addiction can act as a deterrent to reach out for help. By creating these images, we hope to raise awareness of the devastating impact of addiction, and reduce the stigma attached to it.

These emotional images highlight that addiction is a serious mental health condition which requires support and understanding to ensure a positive recovery.

Dr Tim Cantopher from Priory Hospital Woking and Claire Rimmer from Priory Hospital Altrincham  talk about the signs and symptoms of addiction in more depth on our blog, and there is a downloadable factsheet which addresses addiction on our dedicated addictions page.

If you would like to know more about how The Priory can help with addictions, please contact: 0800 078 3637 or click here to make an enquiry. Priory also offers a free confidential addictions assessment.