Birthdays, anniversaries, or perhaps bank holidays; we have plenty of opportunities in which it can be easy to indulge in one glass too many. But how much alcohol is too much alcohol?

Regularly consuming over 2-3 units a day, approximately one large glass of wine or a pint of beer, can be dangerous to your health. However, those who are addicted to alcohol will consume considerably more than this.

Perhaps you're concerned about the drinking habits of a friend or relative? Claire Rimmer, lead addictions therapist at the Priory Hospital Altrincham, shares 10 common signs of alcohol addiction to look out for...

  1. Close friends, relatives or colleagues expressing concerns about drinking habits
  2. Cravings for a drink affecting mood or concentration levels
  3. 'Self-medicating' with drink because of problems at home, social or work life
  4. Trying and failing to cut down on the amount of alcohol being drunk
  5. Lying about or covering up drinking levels
  6. Drinking heavily alone
  7. Drinking to the point of passing out
  8. Having an alcoholic drink first thing in the morning
  9. Finances becoming affected by the amount of money spent on alcohol
  10. Drinking habits beginning to cause problems at home, socially or in work

Addictions are treatable with the right support. To find out how the Priory could help you or a friend or relative, please call 0845 277 4679 or click here to register for a confidential free addiction assessment.