10 signs that your drinking is becoming a problem

Alcohol Awareness Week LogoHaving an alcohol addiction can happen to anyone. Even those who still manage their day-to-day lives and seem to be functioning as normal can suffer from alcoholism.  Claire Rimmer, the lead addictions therapist at the Priory Hospital in Altrincham, has listed 10 indicators commonly experienced by people with a drink problem. 

  1. Addictions are treatable if you have the right support in place. Do you regularly drink more than you intend to and are your finances or abilities to do everyday tasks becoming affected by the amount that you drink?
  2. Do you find that your work, home or social life is becoming affected by the amount you drink? You might be starting to be late or miss work, or you may be arguing more with those close to you. 
  3. Have your friends, colleagues or family expressed concern about your drinking?
  4. Do you find yourself craving a drink to the point that it is affecting your mood or concentration levels?
  5. Do you try to “self-medicate” with drink because of problems in your home, social or work life?
  6. Have you tried and failed to cut down on the amount you drink?
  7. Have you lied about the amount that you drink or become secretive about your drinking, for example by hiding bottles or cans?
  8. Do you regularly drink heavily by yourself?
  9. Do you ever drink to the point of having blackouts and not being able to remember what you did whilst you were drunk?
  10. Do you feel the need to have a drink first thing in the morning? Do you ever feel shaky or weak if you don’t get a drink when you need one?

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If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of the points above and have concerns that you may be an alcoholic, please call us on: 0845 277 4679 to speak to one of the Priory's addiction specialists.