5 steps to help overcome alcohol addiction

The highly experienced team of specialists in addiction treatment at every Priory hospital provide personalised treatment programmes to reflect the nature of each addiction as well as the unique needs of every individual in our care.

Alcohol Awareness Week LogoWe provide practical, abstinence-based coping strategies which focus on restoring your physical and emotional wellbeing to give you the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes with us.

We understand that making the first step towards recovery from alcoholism can be a difficult and often overwhelming time, but the five steps below, highlight the number of options available to you in achieving your goal of leading a happier, more fulfilled and alcohol free life.

  1. Accept that you need help: The most important first step for anyone with an alcohol addiction is to accept that they have a problem. You may have been in denial – sometimes for years – but the first step towards tackling your addiction is to admit that, like any disease, alcoholism is an illness that needs treating.
  2. Speak to someone: You might find it easier to find the right support for you by discussing your concerns with your GP or someone close to you who can provide you with the additional support to take the next step in your journey towards recovery
  3. Get help: There are a wealth of local and national support groups and self-help organisations, including charities such as Alcoholics Anonymous and the Samaritans, who will be able to provide you with support and more information about alcohol addiction, including treatment options
  4. See a professional: Some people will benefit from the expert advice of experienced professionals, such as the addiction therapists and consultants at Priory hospitals. They will equip you will coping strategies and practical advice using intensive talking therapies, such as cognitive behaviour therapy. Often, alcohol is used as a coping mechanism as a result of underlying emotional issues, such as depression or stress. Seeing a professional can help you to identify the reasons for your addiction so that you are able to confront and overcome these issues.
  5. Seek inpatient treatment: At Priory hospitals, detoxification programmes will help you to withdraw from alcohol within a safe environment. We offer residential treatment programmes with nursing care and intensive therapy sessions to help you to understand more about your addiction and share your experiences with others going through the same process. In addition, we offer a year of weekly aftercare sessions included in your treatment in order to provide you with support long after you have completed your personalised treatment programme.

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