The Priory Hospital North London Alumni Summer BBQ

At the beginning of July, The Priory Hospital North London hosted an Addiction Treatment Programme Alumni Summer BBQ.

The event brought together fellow alumni, their families and the addictions team at The Priory Hospital North London to share their stories and to continue to support one another through the recovery journey.

"Events like these are our way as an addictions treatment team to help maintain relationships with our ex-patients and to continue to support them once they have left inpatient treatment," Addiction Treatment Programme Therapist, Andrea Taylor explained.

Three alumni spoke on the day; each personal story provided a heart-warming reminder of the importance of the work that is done at The Priory Hospital North London for patients with addictions.

One of the alumni in attendance commented: “the speakers were amazing and broke up the day well”.

Many of the alumni brought their family with them to the event.

"It's well known that addictions are often referred to as a family issue so it is particularly nice to see the families getting involved. It's great to see these relationships bloom after treatment," Andrea said.

"The weather and food was fantastic and the bouncy castle and badminton games were a hit with the families (especially for the children)."

For more information about The Priory Hospital North London's Addiction Treatment Programme, follow this link.

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