The Priory welcomes university campaign to counter binge-drinking culture

A new initiative led by the National Union of Students and the Home Office is asking universities to encourage sensible drinking and provide alternatives to alcohol focussed events and promote non alcoholic drinks.

imageSeven universities have signed up to a 12-month pilot of the Alcohol Impact scheme: Loughborough, Nottingham, Swansea, Brighton, Manchester Metropolitan, Liverpool John Moores and Royal Holloway.

The scheme will allow universities to gain accreditation providing they meet certain criteria including:

  • Limiting the sale, promotion and advertising of alcohol
  • Ensuring subsidised bars also sell low-priced non-alcoholic drinks
  • Limiting or preventing alcohol-related initiation ceremonies
  • Take action to tackle pub crawls and social media drinking games
  • Develop policies and communications schemes on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Train staff and to work with off-campus licensed premises and retailers

Dr Niall Campbell of Priory Hospital Roehampton says: “Alcohol Addiction is a serious illness which can develop from a very young age and therefore any measures which help to shift the culture from over consumption to moderate and sensible behaviour can only be a good thing, especially during a time in young people’s lives when they can feel vulnerable and pressured to conform and take part in excessive behaviours. At Priory we treat many people who suffer with Alcohol Addiction which can have severe physical and emotional consequences. Therefore we welcome such preventative measures which can reach people at a young age”.

For further details on how Priory can provide you with further assistance regarding Alcohol Addiction, please call 0845 277 4679. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here