FILM: Inside our Addictions Treatment Programme

Watch our new film to hear from ex-patients about how the Priory addictions treatment programme helped them.

Recognising that you (or a loved one) need support with an addiction can be a difficult thing to accept. At Priory we pride ourselves on supporting patients and their family members throughout their recovery.

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Why watch this film?

Our new film gives an insight into the Priory addictions treatment programme and what patients and their families can expect. The video showcases Priory Hospital Roehampton in South West London which is just one of many Priory Hospitals throughout the UK treating addiction.

  • What should I expect from the addiction treatment programme? - Michele Morphitis, Manager of the Addiction Treatment Programme, Priory Hospital Roehampton
  • What makes Priory’s addiction treatment programme unique? - Leading Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Niall Campbell
  • How can Priory help? - Three former patients discuss their addiction and how Priory helped them

Treating the whole person

The reasons behind someone’s addiction will be different for each person. Our programme deals with the patterns of destructive behaviour, as well as providing supportive psychological therapies to address any underlying emotional issues. At Priory, we are able to focus and treat both physical health and mental wellbeing which enables our patients to be more likely to achieve long-term abstinence. 

Peer support

The advantage of being on a programme with other people means our patients can make friends with each other (often for life) as they benefit from supporting each other through recovery. Priory also runs a ‘peer support’ programme which involves former patients coming back to support current patients with their recovery which is a highly valuable addition to our programme of care as patients see first-hand how the treatment programme has helped others. Our service users laugh together too, as our consultant Dr Campbell points out “recovery is not all doom and gloom” it’s about us supporting someone taking that first step on the road to getting their life back.

Free addictions assessment

The Priory is pleased to offer you a free confidential assessment for all addictions. This allows us to explore your situation in more detail without obligation to continue into treatment. To register for an assessment, please click here.

If you would like to find out more about Priory’s Addiction Treatment Programme, please call our free & confidential enquiries line, on 0800 840 3219 or email us at: