As the UK’s leading independent provider of addiction treatment services, the Priory are able to provide professional, specialist treatment programmes for a wide range of addictive substances and behaviours.

  • 11 Apr

    There is an increasing concern around opioid addiction in the UK, following on from an opioid epidemic in the US. Find out how people can get help for the addiction.

  • 04 Apr

    When someone is struggling to stop taking codeine or another opiate drug, it is important that steps are taken to help them towards recovery. Find our the symptoms of codeine addiction and the drug addiction treatment that is available to them.

  • 03 Apr

    People suffering from anxiety may drink alcohol to feel relaxed and forget their worries. Dr Wayne Kampers has looked at the effects alcohol can have on a person with anxiety, and the treatment options that are available if you are struggling.

  • 27 Mar

    Online sobriety diaries are unhelpful and even dangerous when it comes to alcohol addiction. Find out the steps someone with alcoholism should take to help them towards recovery.

  • 26 Mar

    Ethnic minority groups can face difficulties navigating the UK healthcare system. Dr Omair Ahmed looks at the treatment and support practitioners can provide to patients in minority ethnic groups who seek support for addiction issues.

  • 22 Mar

    Addiction is often referred to as a ‘lifetime disease’. With aftercare, people are less likely to relapse back into their life of addiction. Addiction Treatment Programme Manager Claire Rimmer look at why this is the case.

  • 21 Mar

    Addiction Treatment Programme Manager Sarina Wheatman delves into the psyche of someone living with addiction, and looks at what can be expected during their recovery journey.

  • 20 Mar

    Sam Hickey, Addiction Therapist at Priory Hospital Woking, looks at how people become addicted to gambling and the impact that it can have on their health, finances, work and family life.

  • 16 Mar

    The digital age has interconnected much of the world. However our ever-increasing participation within the fast-changing digital age is not without its consequences. Jeff van Reenan discusses the impact it has had on addictive behaviours.

  • 14 Mar

    Find out the common reasons why alcohol and depression become connected, and the steps that someone can follow in order to help them to beat the vicious cycle.

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