As the UK’s leading independent provider of addiction treatment services, the Priory are able to provide professional, specialist treatment programmes for a wide range of addictive substances and behaviours.

  • 28 Feb

    If you are worried about the alcohol consumption of someone you know and care for, it can be a delicate subject to discuss with them. Here's Priory's tips on how to start the conversation.

  • 01 Feb

    What are the different methods of intervention? Could you answer this question? Here, Priory discusses some of the most common and effective methods.

  • 16 Dec

    Does the Christmas season bring reminders of happy times, or worries about family members and their drinking?

  • 04 Oct

    Priory introduces an interactive infographic to show just what long and short-term damage is done to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing when they take drugs.

  • 30 Sep

    The Priory Hospital Chelmsford recently welcomed back ex-patients as part of their annual addiction treatment reunion. The event looks to bring patients together to share their journeys in recovery, and to celebrate individual successes.

  • 23 Sep

    Drug addiction help is available and there are different ways in which a person can seek help and treatment for drug addiction.

  • 16 Sep

    The rise of drug culture in the UK has seeped into youth culture, to the point where popular rites of passage for young people are now laced with the dangers associated with drugs.

  • 02 Aug

    The rise of the ‘bottomless brunch’ where unlimited alcohol is served, is fuelling dangerous levels of drinking among working professionals, says Dr Omair Ahmed, consultant psychiatrist at Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Birmingham.

  • 05 Jul

    To "digital detox" or not to detox, discussing the limiting of digital connection in addiction therapy treatment and why it's helpful, by Jeff van Reenen, ATP Manager at Priory Chelmsford.

  • 31 May

    Dr Owen Bowden-Jones, a visiting consultant at Priory Hospital Roehampton, south-west London, has been discussing advice for parents on communicating with children about drugs in his new book The Drug Conversation on BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire’s show.

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