Appointment of Professor Chris Thompson as Priory Group Director of Public Affairs

At this time of unprecedented change in health and social care policy and commissioning Priory has taken the step of appointing Professor Thompson to a new role within the company. Priory is now one of the largest Independent Sector suppliers of health and social care and it is important that it is in a position to communicate clear facts and balanced opinions about the company and the sector to policy makers and the public.

Chris will be the Board member responsible for representing Priory's interest in policy formation, in keeping abreast of political developments, dealing with media, liaising with all of our external stakeholders, developing professional relationships with public interest groups, patient advocate groups and all regulatory bodies. He will ensure that Priory has a 'voice' when healthcare, education and social care policy is being determined and will converse with government departments, think tanks, non government organisations researching, forecasting and responding to many and varied public policy agenda items that directly or indirectly affect Priory.

Professor Chris Thompson said: "The whole sector is going through a period of unprecedented change. The Health and Social Care Bill plans for a radical restructuring of the health service in England, which will give GPs control of much of the NHS's £106bn annual budget and introduce more competition into services."  

"One of my key aims will be to ensure that Priory has a 'voice' in this new structure. I will also maintain and increase our visibility amongst all stakeholder groups. The breadth of expertise at Priory and the quality of our services across all areas of specialist healthcare should enable the company to play a significant role in the Government's vision to modernise the NHS so that it is built around patients, led by health professionals and focused on delivering world-class healthcare outcomes."

Chris will retain his responsibilities as Chief Medical Officer.