Priory consultant addresses issues of social media pressure on young people

Dr Paul Bester Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist of Priory Hospital Roehampton is today speaking at the ‘True Grit Pastoral Conference - Developing emotional resilience in schools’ taking place at Kings College School Wimbledon.

imageThe conference’s aim is to illustrate current research in key aspects of adolescent wellbeing that can affect the emotional and mental state of pupils. All too often there are incidents of students feeling pressure to achieve within academic environments which if not managed can result in young people suffering stress, anxiety, depression and many other mental health conditions potentially resulting in self harm and at in extreme circumstances suicide.

The sell out prestigious conference has become ever popular due to educational institutions and society as a whole becoming more aware of the growing emotional demands on our young people, with academic performance being a key area of potential pressure.

Speaking to BBC London News earlier today Dr Bester highlighted that the pressure on young people is often exacerbated in independent schools where the expectation to achieve is heightened. Dr Bester’s presentation will focus on the growing significance of social media and gaming in young people’s everyday lives. At Priory this is a common theme that comes through when speaking with young patients, it is yet another forum for added pressure, bullying and growing competition and therefore something that those responsible for young people need to be ever mindful and aware of.

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