Priory Consultant warns about ‘skinny selfies’ on Scottish TV

Dr Alex Yellowlees, Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Glasgow, recently featured on STV Glasgow where he warned viewers about the potential damage caused by posting ‘skinny selfies.’

Eating Disorders Consultant GlasgowEating disorders affect around 1.6million people in the UK and claim the lives of almost 20% of this number. During 2014, Priory Group saw a 15% rise in adult patients admitted with eating disorders.

Dr Yellowlees, who recently discussed the impact of ‘thinspiration’ on the Priory Blog, stated:

“The concept of thinness and the pursuit of it can be promoted extensively at the touch of a button.

“The unhelpful images that depict increasing thinness are very toxic and I think it will take some time for societies’ values to change around the idealisation of thinness.”

So, what can society do to give a positive body image?

“What we need is society to adopt a healthy body ideal, so more people put up images that are reflective of their health and fitness. This is then moving in a direction which is positive and life affirming rather than promoting this illness (eating disorders).”

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