The dangers of high street pressure on body image

The Priory Group is delighted by the news that Debenhams has taken the bold initiative to use larger size shop mannequins to reflect a more proportionate number of women’s natural body shape.
Dr Alex Yellowlees, Medical Director at the Priory Group, talked to BBC TV Scotland about the potential detrimental effect these unrealistic, overly-thin mannequins may have on vulnerable people's low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacies about their looks and body size. He is concerned that this drive towards thinness will lead to issues with food and body image for a generation of young people, particularly young women and may result in the woman developing an eating disorder.

The Priory Group offer specialist consultants, therapists and nursing teams to deliver some of the country’s leading treatment in anorexia nervosabulimia nervosa and other eating disorders. With specialist facilities across the UK for adults and young people, our experienced professionals tailor treatment and care to suit your needs, using innovative therapy programmes and a broad range of creative workshops.

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