Anxiety – are you taking it seriously?

For the estimated 7 million people in the UK suffering from anxiety and panic disorders everyday life can prove to be a little more challenging than we realise. There is the intense fear of places or certain events, the severe physical symptoms and not to mention the crippling panic attacks – and this can be made all the worse when you feel like no one understands what’s going on or how to help you. 

According to Dr Paul McLaren, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Hayes Grove, “it’s important to recognise that anxiety is part of a normal life experience. It’s a defensive mechanism that allows us to adapt to our environment in a way that protects us”. Despite anxiety being a fundamental part of being human and something that one in six people will experience at some point in their lifetime, it appears that anxiety sufferers are still being subjected to stigma and isolation by their family and peers.

Priory Group, in an effort to understand the attitudes being experienced by anxiety sufferers, asked the question ‘what is the worst thing that has been said to you about your anxiety?’ The answers proved to be somewhat alarming…

Images featured courtesy of Natalie Clince

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