Depression – With Dr Niall Campbell

What do you want to know about depression?

Mental health is a huge topic and covers several conditions including depression, anxiety and stress. With several sources of online and offline information explaining the ins and outs of conditions in different ways, it can be very confusing and difficult to find exactly what you want to know in one place.

We recently asked our Twitter followers what they really wanted to know about depression using the hashtag #AskPriory.

You asked the questions and we listened.

Watch Dr Niall Campbell, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital Roehampton, answer your questions on depression. The questions include:

  • What causes depression?
  • How would I know if I was depressed?
  • Who does depression affect?
  • Are there any different kinds of depression?
  • When would I know to seek help?
  • From whom should I seek help?
  • What treatment options are available?
  • What are the benefits of treatment?
  • How long does treatment usually last and what are the success rates of treatment?

Depression is treatable and living with the condition should never be an option, The Priory has hospitals, clinics and wellbeing centres across the UK who are ready to help you today.

If you would like to know more about how Priory Hospitals can help if you have concerns about depression, please contact: 0845 277 4679 or click here to make an enquiry.