Do you know someone who needs help?

Watching someone you are close to struggle in one way or another with a mental health condition can be extremely distressing. In some cases approaching the issue, whether it be depression, stress, anxiety, an addiction or an anger management problem, can be difficult. It can be hard to know how to start the conversation, however this too may be the case for the person with the condition.

imageFor anyone who needs help, the first step to recovery is admitting they have a problem and accepting they need support. In some cases those who have an addiction or another mental health condition can put themselves forward for help. However this is not always the case and consequently may mean that you have to support and encourage that person to seek help.

Finding the right support

Should a friend or family member confide in you, remember that in order to do the best you can for them you must look after yourself too. If you feel unable to support the person in question, explain this to them sensitively and perhaps offer to help them find the right support.

Mental health issues can often be misconstrued. Therefore, it may be an idea to research the condition, for example addiction, so that you can develop a deeper understanding of what the person is going through. Furthermore, you’ll be able to listen properly and respond accordingly. In most cases, the person simply needs to know that you are there for them, so visiting them at home or wherever they may be and simply saying "I am here" is often the best first step.

Obviously as you seek to support your friend or relative, the question of how and why they have come to have this condition becomes extremely important. Remember again that listening and gently approaching the subject is key.

We understand that starting the journey to seek help for a friend or relative can be an emotionally turbulent time for all involved.  The dedicated specialists at the Priory hospitals are committed to providing the highest quality of care to help individuals overcome a wide range of mental health conditions. There are a variety of brochures available with more detailed information about the facilities we offer and how to get help, for example depression treatment.

You can make an enquiry via the Priory Group website, or if your enquiry is of an urgent nature please call our dedicated central enquiries office on: 0845 277 4679.