Priory Hospital Glasgow Aims To Help Scotland's Stressed Workers

The new workshops, which commence on Saturday 4th June, will offer a weekly programme to help overcome the stresses that make some working lives difficult.

 New research commissioned by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) as part of a major campaign reveals that the social and economic cost of mental health problems in Scotland has reached £10.7 billion per year: an increase of nearly a quarter on figures from 2004/05.

 In 2009/10, sickness absence due to mental health problems cost Scotland's employers £690 million.

 At any one time, nearly 1 in 6 employees is affected by a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety.

Figures obtained by the Priory Group following a Freedom of Information Act request showed that psychological problems were the leading cause of long-term sickness within Glasgow Council. In addition, Glasgow Ambulance Service lost 17,665 hours due to sicknesses recorded under 'Anxiety/Stress/Depression' for Greater Glasgow staff between 01/01/2009 and 31/12/2010.

According to the HSE, stress is the second biggest occupational health issue in the UK after back problems.

Marco Bannerman, hospital director at the Priory Hospital Glasgow said:

"There is no doubt that work-related stress is a major problem in Scotland.  

Shocking new figures from The Samaritans have revealed that the country's workers are so stressed that a quarter of them dream of quitting the country for a life abroad. More than 20% have taken time off sick due to work-related stress, an average of six days every year.  

Unhappily, the research also shows that over half of Scottish workers have seen colleagues cry over pressure and 45% say their employers try to get as much work out of them as they possibly can, even when they see they are already stressed.  

By helping clients to identify the root causes of occupational stress, identifying unhelpful thinking styles, worry management techniques and learning conflict management the workshops will instil confidence and a new set of coping skills.

The outcome will help clients to make the most of their work and assist in achieving a work-life balance that works for them."

 4 x 90 minute weekend workshops will cost only £400.

For more information on the workshops contact Wendy Rigley on 0141 636 6116

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