Mental Health

  • 24 Mar

    Bipolar disorder is a condition defined by mood swings, from excessive energetic highs to depressive and extreme lows. Dr James Woolley at Priory Hospital Roehampton, discusses the condition...

  • 22 Mar

    Priory's Dr Hayley Van Zwanenberg, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from Woodbourne Priory Hospital, provides advice for parents who may be concerned their child is affected by sexting.

  • 09 Mar

    We all deal with different amounts of stress in our lives and some stress is good for us, but how do we tell when we are living with too much? Priory’s Dr Stroma Macfarlane from Priory Wellbeing Centre Southampton explains the importance of recognising our individual stress levels…

  • 04 Mar

    Dr Natasha Bijlani Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Roehampton provides 5 Top Tips for recognising and dealing with the early signs of postnatal depression…

  • 26 Feb

    Michelle Dalley, CBT Therapist from Priory Hospital Chelmsford explains the symptoms and feelings of Anxiety and shares her 5 Top Tips for coping.

  • 18 Feb

    Ruby Wax, the American comedian, mental health campaigner and author, chose the Priory Hospital in south-west London as the venue to receive her OBE.

  • 17 Feb

    Dr Costas Papageorgiou from Priory Hospital Altrincham helps to highlight the impact that OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can have, one of his patient’s Mary* shares her struggle…

  • 15 Feb

    We often hear people use the phrase “I’m a bit OCD” but are we trivialising a condition which can in fact be very serious? The team from Priory Hospital North London provide a top line explanation…

  • 04 Feb

    Dr Tanya Bernstein, Chartered Counselling Psychologist at Priory Hospital North London provides 5 Top Tips for recognising and dealing with the early signs of stress…

  • 15 Jan

    Whilst ‘Blue Monday’ may seem to trivialise depression and however gimmicky it may appear, it does help to highlight the importance of addressing depression and ensuring people get help for depression as soon as possible.

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