The Priory Hospital Dewsbury will offer a hospital-based service for individuals suffering from neuro-degenerative disorders, and the expectation is to have this available by summer. The ward is currently being designed, taking into account the needs of individuals following the King's Fund Enhancing the Healing Environment Programme design principles for dementia care.

To ensure comfort and familiarity for residents, age-appropriate fixtures and fittings will be used. There will also be extensive use of natural light to help create a relaxing atmosphere in the uncluttered, clear ward.


Social areas will be included and designed to promote conversation in small groups. Residents will have easy access to a secure, private garden, which includes sensory areas for them to enjoy. All bedrooms have en suite facilities and they are all customisable according to personal preferences and in ways relevant to the background of the individual.

The ward will accommodate up to 10 people, and staff will have all received dementia specific training that covers the major types of dementia. The aims of the service are to maximise function and to combat co-morbidities. Simultaneously, the environment will help to minimise distress, we’ll minimise the use of psychotropic medication and aim to reduce risks to the individual and to others.

The service will cater to those who may or may not be detained under the Mental Health Act and who may not be able to be placed in nursing home environments. We aim to support individuals with behaviour that severely challenges, who need close monitoring and the expertise of a multidisciplinary team on an ongoing basis. The ward will provide specific interventions that aim to maximise physical activity and active participation.

The service has close links with the Priory dementia nursing and residential services (Amore Care), particularly those located nearby, offering a potential care pathway as an individual’s condition changes over time.

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