Ask Priory – answering your questions about mental health problems

Beginning in February, Priory will be posing a mental health question a day on Twitter, and posting the answer alongside it. By sharing and highlighting information we can help to remove the stigma surrounding mental health problems, educate people, and hopefully answer some of your questions along the way. At the end of each month we will invite you to ask us your own questions, using the hashtag #AskPriory and we can have one of our Priory experts answer them for you.

Given the recent discussion about depression in January, the 'January blues' and 'Blue Monday', we will be taking depression as our first topic. Follow the Priory Group Twitter page daily to see if any of our FAQs cover something you would like answering and, if we don't cover your particular query, you can #AskPriory at the end of the month.

If, of course, you have any pressing questions that require an immediate answer, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

For more details on the full range of Priory Services, please call 0800 840 3219 or click here to make an enquiry.