International Nurses’ Day Monday May 12th 2014

Today is International Nurses’ Day and we’d like to celebrate some of the fantastic work that our nursing and care staff do across the Priory Group to consistently maintain high standards of care quality.

“Nurses’ day is an opportunity for us to shine a light on the dedication of our nursing and care staff and to say a big thank you. Our UK wide strategy is to deliver safe, compassionate effective care that is consistently delivered across all four countries. We are proud of the work our nurses and care staff do and seek to support them in delivering excellent care.”

Siân Wicks Director of Corporate Assurance / Chief Nursing Officer Priory Group.

Below are just a few examples of the fantastic dedication and consistency delivered from our nursing and care staff throughout the Priory Group:

The Care Team at Ben Madigan - Amore Care

Ben Madigan Care Team in the Dementia House is an extremely hard working unit and consistently works with the multi-disciplinary team in order to support residents with challenging behaviours at the Home. The team recently cared for a patient who presented extremely challenging behaviour, physically hitting out at staff and herself as well as residents, whilst at times in distress shouting and screaming.  

The dementia co-ordinator worked on a life history with the resident’s brother in order to discover what her triggers are. Her symptoms of distress have been reduced, shouting is now non-existent, hitting out at herself and others is nil and she only screams if one of her triggers occurs and this is quickly rectified by the carers. It is only for the hard work and personal commitment of these carers and nurses that this lady is living well with dementia in the home.

The Team treat all residents as individuals; they care for them like they would for their own family members. Each resident is treated with dignity and respect. The team have worked extremely well with a variety of challenging behaviours and have been able to maintain 95% compliant on all mandatory training. Additionally, the home has zero agency staff which has subsequently led to a more relaxed and consistent environment, as the staff are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The entire team enhance the quality of care to all residents with dementia and make them feel important individually – they all care. It is a welcoming, homely, friendly and cheery environment for residents and relatives. When residents come to in Ben Madigan they become part of the family. The whole team brings compassion, individual interaction, fun and ensure that residents are happy and smiling. 

A note from a resident’s family:

“To all the wonderful staff at Ben Madigan Nursing home,

We, the family of our most cherished and beloved father would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for all of the care and avid attention you gave him. We can’t begin to express how comforting it was to know that he was being well cared for and it was obvious to us how well he liked you all...”

Nick Rowsell & Primrose Rusirevi, Senior Staff Nurses at Priory Thornford Park
Thornford Park is a low and medium secure hospital. As a learning organisation there is a strong emphasis on continually improving care planning, particularly in making plans more recovery focused, being developed collaboratively with service users and written in a language understood and used by them.

Two of our staff nurses (Nick and Primrose) were cited by the CQC as being “Of excellent (or Gold Standard) in their approach to care planning”. Consequently, the two Unit Managers and Director of Clinical Services sought to “tap in” to their expertise, enthusiasm and innovation!

Nick Rowsell and Primrose Rusirevi undertook a baseline assessment of care plans at Thornford Park through audit and produced an analysis of findings in order to identify areas of good practice and also areas requiring improvement identifying training needs. The two attended Priory Care Planning workshops, developed a local care planning workshop based upon their findings and research into best practice nationally and internationally. 

Furthermore, Nick and Primrose went on to deliver care planning workshops – an interactive session aimed mainly at Primary Nurses; this was also offered externally to other Priory units. They followed up learning with individual nurses and identified where this had been turned into practice/ongoing support for primary nurses. The initiative has driven up standards in care planning, promoted user involvement in planning their care and has therefore improved clinical outcomes and most importantly service user experience. 

Consequently, this model has been shared other sites; the care planning workshop repeated and made available for other units to access 

Both Nick and Primrose are involved in the group which is further developing multi disciplinary care plans; Nick will be heading up the pilot of the new care plans on his ward and will be feeding back on progress. This will be a fundamental shift to true multi disciplinary team working.

The Nursing Team at Rosehill - Craegmoor

The Nursing Team at Rosehill provides a holistic approach to person centred care for individuals using the service focusing on the whole person and not just their primary diagnosis. The Nurses encourage the team to identify with service users areas of strength and promote maximum independence and growth during the persons stay. They liaise closely with the therapists to ensure that the best standards of care are maintained. 

There is a strong sense of leadership sharing by the Nurses to enhance the skills of the support workers which has led to increased motivation and success within the team. The support for service users is second to none; the team uses assistive technology to help service users grow in confidence, ensuring that they are ready to move on to more independent living.  Furthermore, the team has a proven track record of planning and implementing successful discharge into the community.  This is done primarily through graded transitions in order to ensure that the package of care is adequate and that a social network is already in place to decrease the risk of isolation. 

The Nursing Team has particular focus on pre-empting potential medical problems and initiating appropriate care to decrease episodes of hospitalisation, i.e. skin care, catheter care, seizures and infections. Additionally, they are experts at caring for service users with swallowing difficulties, helping them to progress onto oral diets and often allowing the PEG to be removed. This involves working closely with the Speech and Language Therapists and Dieticians and overseeing the Rehabilitation Team.

If you would like further information on any of the Priory Group services, then please call 0845 277 4679.