Japanese Nursing College visits Priory Hospital

A team from Ishikawa Prefectural College of Nursing, Japan recently visited Priory Hospital Hayes Grove as part of a tour to discover more about nursing and mental health in the UK.

Roger Skipp, Hospital Director (right), Lucy Swatling, Clinical Services Manager (left) Professor Hayashi and her team visited Hayes Grove in March where they discussed with nurses and other staff from the site, the range of different approaches and ideas used within the hospital. Roger Skipp, Hospital Director of Hayes Grove, Lucy Swatling, Clinical Services Manager and Carole Willis, Therapy Services manager, greeted the Japanese visitors before the team presented an overview of the range of services which The Priory Group provides to the UK population, including a discussion about the variety of funding which is available from the various commissioning bodies, including NHS, Education and Social Services.  

Roger Skipp, Hospital Director stated that: “Our visitors were particularly interested in the services offered by Hayes Grove and our integration with the NHS. It was apparent that they face some of the same issues in Japan that we face with public services, i.e. being limited by cost controls and so on.”

After the presentation, the team were shown around the hospital site and got a further understanding of nursing techniques and approaches. Lucy Swatling, Clinical Services Manager, spoke about the importance of sharing techniques and different approaches to care. “The Japanese team, who all came from a nursing background, were impressed by the integral role that nurses play in the decision making process around care and treatment of the patients and how there is a clear pathway from inpatient care to day care and then discharge to the wider community.”

Following on from their visit, Dr Hayashi stated that: “The visit to The Priory Hospital was perfectly matched with what we wanted to learn during our UK tour, we felt that the visit went really well and my team appreciated the time taken to organise this. The visit to the Priory Group was very well organised and we felt welcomed. We managed to find a lot of useful information for our study.”

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