Newbury MP, Richard Benyon praises Priory hospital’s ‘dedication, expertise and quality of care’

Newbury MP, Richard Benyon, has spoken out in praise of the staff and services provided at the local, Thatcham based, Thornford Park Hospital following a visit to the site on Wednesday 28th August.

Thornford Park HospitalDuring a visit to the site Mr Benyon was able to see first hand, the care and services provided at Thornford Park to support people with mental health conditions. In the company of Priory Chief Executive, Tom Riall and Hospital Director, Paul O’Connor, Mr Benyon was taken through the breadth of services utilised in the assessment and treatment of patients who often arrive at Thornford Park with histories of offending and previous failures in placement programmes.

Specialising in providing assessment and treatment programmes for adult males, patients undergo personalised care plans underpinned by the promotion of independence and wider social inclusion – an ambition which resonated strongly with Mr Benyon.

Commenting on his visit Mr Benyon said: “The dedication, expertise and quality of care shown by Thornford Park’s staff was apparent throughout my visit.  There is a real selfless approach to care, working in the best interests of patients and encouraging their voice to be heard.”

Speaking about some of the projects led by the site, Mr Benyon added: “Working in partnership with the local community towards the development of educational and employment opportunities is an incredibly positive initiative.  Pooling the resource, expertise and professionalism which is already ingrained through many of the services the community offers can only enhance the integration of patients back into the community and instil a new found confidence in their personal development.”

Tom Riall, Chief Executive of the Priory Group, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Richard Benyon to Thornford Park and show him the high quality care and support patients are receiving, including the use of partnerships for patients with the local community to promote greater social inclusion. As Richard has commented on his visit today, the commitment of staff under Paul O’Connor’s leadership is evident in all aspects of care patients are receiving and in the hospital’s excellent reputation".

For further information on Thornford Park Hospital, please click here, and for further information on Richard Benyon, please visit his website.