Priory Group makes senior appointment

Formerly Director of Corporate Finance, Sam will assist the board in analysing, developing and implementing strategy throughout the Group.

Working across the Priory's, healthcare, education, specialist services and elderly care divisions, Sam will identify and analyse the main trends in the sector, recommending to the board the key goals to achieve in order to further develop the business.

He will also take on a select number of operational projects to provide the board with a commercial focus on key sites within the Group. In this capacity Sam will work with local management teams to review and develop the commercial and operational plans of these sites and support in following these through to completion.

Sam will continue to lead the Corporate Development team but will concentrate on the generation of new services.

Sam Rogers said: "My new role will focus on developing an in-depth strategic overview of Priory's diverse range of services. This will be vital as the Group continues to grow and evolve within the ever-changing healthcare environment. As a Group we continue to strive to exceed service user and commissioner requirements for a high quality, innovative service that offers value for money."  

"Through my new role I am looking forward to playing a key role in contributing to the emerging national health and social care agenda."