Priory Hospital Roehampton Appoints New Hospital Director

Alison, who is very highly regarded as a health care professional, brings 24 years experience in the medical profession to the role.

Alison began her career as a staff nurse and quickly progressed into family therapy where she specialised in delivery and training in the adolescent unit. Her career developed towards a managerial role, which has encompassed responsibility for mental health and addiction units ranging from 24 to 110 beds and managing budgets of up to £4m.

The Priory Group is the UK's leading independent provider of acute mental health services, secure and step-down services, specialist education, complex care and neuro-rehabilitation services, working in partnership with the public and independent sectors.;

The Priory Hospital Roehampton specialises in the management and treatment of mental health problems including addictions and eating disorders.

For people suffering from mild to moderate mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety, the hospital provides a range of outpatient based therapy services such as individual and group based CBT. For those people requiring inpatient care for more severe psychiatric illness such as depression, psychotic illness or eating disorders, there are residential facilities for 100 patients.

Priory Roehampton has a highly experienced team of mental health professionals and support staff, which include consultant psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and therapists.

Alison said "I am very excited about this wonderful opportunity to build upon the excellent framework already present at Roehampton."

"This is a flagship hospital with a solid reputation and a professional and dedicated staff team and I am looking forward to working with them."

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