Priory hospital supports Brighton 'recovery walk'

Thousands of individuals from around the U.K. will be gathering on Hove seafront on 29th September to walk through the city in a celebration of recovery, of lives turned around from a time of concern and problems to positive engagement with life and personal fulfilment.

The walk will culminate in Preston Park, Brighton where a celebration of recovery will take place with stalls, refreshments, live music, dance, poetry and arts. The event will showcase the talents and achievements of people who have reclaimed their lives from addiction and embraced creative arts as part of their recovery.

Priory experts will be on hand for informal chats with anyone seeking advice on their own, or a loved one's addiction worries.

Gavin Beard, lead addictions therapist at the Priory Hospital Brighton and Hove said: "This is a unique opportunity to highlight the positive effects of recovery on people's lives."

"As a well-known and respected provider of addictions treatment the Priory Hospital is delighted to be one of the main sponsors of the event and to have the opportunity to engage with people who may be reluctant to seek help in an informal setting."  

"Priory staff will be available to discuss fears people may have about their own or a friend or family member's behaviour and where appropriate will offer free local assessments as a first step to addressing the issues."

Dr Richard Bowskill, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital Brighton and Hove said: "Taking away some of the stigma from addiction and emphasising the recovery process through an event like this is a very positive move."  

"In addition to the widely acknowledged alcohol and drug addictions, Priory hospitals have also witnessed a rise in the number of patients presenting with new behavioural addictions, over the last few years."    

"There are similarities between chemical and behavioural addictions with people often substituting one addiction for another. Both have terrible effects on individual lives. What we have seen is an increase in behavioural addictions that are now being presented to our units."  

"Common addictions, such as alcohol and drug dependency, continue to be prevalent, but we are also seeing more cases of addictions associated with the evolving and changing lifestyle patterns, such as the internet."  

"Anyone worried can have an informal chat at the Recovery Festival or should seek advice and support from their GP who can refer people to centres like ours for further assessment and help."

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