Priory’s 22 day Post Traumatic Stress Disorder social media challenge #22dayPTSDchallenge

Priory Group is currently undertaking a 22 day challenge to raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You may have seen your friends, or have been taking part yourself, in the 22 day push-up challenge started by Combat Stress to aid veterans’ mental health and to raise awareness for PTSD. Off the back of that, Priory is looking to do its bit to help.

For 22 days Priory Group is tweeting a daily snippet about PTSD, whether it be facts and figures, a symptom, the treatments used, or a useful tip, each post will relate in some way to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In doing so we hope to not only raise awareness but also encourage people to find out more about the condition, and learn how to spot the signs and help any friends or family they may have going through PTSD. An estimated 700,000 members of the adult population in the UK alone suffer with PTSD, but it's possible to help and treat the condition.

Please use the hashtag #22dayPTSDchallenge and tweet your experiences of PTSD, tweet your support, or look to take part in the #22pushupchallenge. Furthermore, seek out more information via the Priory Group or Combat Stress websites, and arm yourself against this debilitating illness.

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