The Priory Hospital Middleton St George rated as ‘good’ by the CQC

The Priory Hospital Middleton St George, has been rated 'good' overall following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

In its report, the CQC said: "Patients were positive about their experience and felt listened to by staff. Patients told us staff were caring and treated them with respect. Nurses were visible and staff were always around for support." The hospital has focused on ensuring patients are at the heart of their care, developing its clinical models in line with best practice. The recruitment and retention of highly skilled and motivated clinical and support staff has made a significant contribution to its success.

The hospital also plays a key part in contributing to the community and key events. For example, several of the hospital's patients have been recognised for their creativity in the nationally recognised Koestler Art Awards, with a patient’s sculpture being exhibited at the Southbank Centre in London from 15 September 2016.

Victoria Colloby, Hospital Director, gave a presentation titled 'Reflections on supporting mental health needs in hospitals and prisons', as part of the prestigious Perrie Lectures series, a key annual forum discussing reform of the criminal justice sector.

The Priory Hospital Middleton St George, located near Darlington in County Durham, provides specialist inpatient care for people of adult working age, with complex mental health needs and behaviours that challenge, in a safe and supportive environment.

In response to the report, Hospital Director Victoria Colloby said: "Over the last two years, the team at The Priory Hospital Middleton St George have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of the services we provide, ensuring an innovative and focused approach to delivering individualised care, tailored to the needs of each of our patients and working closely with their carers and commissioners across the NHS. This report is a testimony to the hard work of everyone on site."

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