Service users take centre stage at secure care conference - Our voices, our choices, our futures

Service users and professionals from medium and low secure mental health hospitals across the country are coming together to showcase and celebrate the innovative work taking place to raise standards of care and improve the quality of life for service users.

At a time when it is recognised as vitally important that service users’ voices are heard and that opportunities are provided for them to work collaboratively with developing their services, Priory Group Secure Services is holding a forum to highlight and share best practice in the UK.

The event will be held in October in collaboration with Ian Callaghan, Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services, Paul Jenkins, OBE, Chief Executive of Rethink Mental Illness, and with support from Anne Beales, MBE, Director of Service User Involvement, Together.

It will be attended by around 200 professionals and service users from medium and low secure sites across the UK.   Service users will take centre stage to discuss initiatives they have led and developed, which have improved the standards of services.

Tom Riall, Chief Executive of the Priory Group, said:  “Changing cultures, so that service users’ voices are heard in improving services is a large but rewarding task and we are dedicated to achieving this.  The conference will demonstrate how, by working in partnership, service users and professionals can improve quality of care and achieve positive outcomes.

“It is rewarding to see so many influential people and organisations come together to discuss this important aspect of care and treatment and I am proud that the Priory Group Secure Services are leading the way in raising awareness of the excellent work that is happening at low and medium secure services.”

A number of service users who were involved in the steering group organising the conference said:  “‘The Group is growing like a tree, rooted and grounded, making us strong together” and “to be offered the opportunity to work on the Conference shows a lot of faith and confidence in us.”