Addiction Treatment

  • 14 Aug

    At the beginning of July, The Priory Hospital North London hosted an Addiction Treatment Programme Alumni Summer BBQ.

  • 09 Aug

    Pamela Roberts, Addictions Team Leader at The Priory Hospital Woking, provides 5 Top Tips for families coping with addiction.

  • 06 Jul

    The importance of recognising the role 'resilience' can play in recovery from addiction and trauma, by Jeff Van Reenen of The Priory Hospital Chelmsford.

  • 28 Feb

    If you are worried about the alcohol consumption of someone you know and care for, it can be a delicate subject to discuss with them. Here's Priory's tips on how to start the conversation.

  • 30 Sep

    The Priory Hospital Chelmsford recently welcomed back ex-patients as part of their annual addiction treatment reunion. The event looks to bring patients together to share their journeys in recovery, and to celebrate individual successes.

  • 23 Sep

    Drug addiction help is available and there are different ways in which a person can seek help and treatment for drug addiction.

  • 05 Jul

    To "digital detox" or not to detox, discussing the limiting of digital connection in addiction therapy treatment and why it's helpful, by Jeff van Reenen, ATP Manager at Priory Chelmsford.

  • 22 Feb

    Sex and love addiction is not measured or diagnosed in quantity but instead by the negative impact and consequences associated with the behaviour on self and others.

  • 22 Jan

    Welcome to Priory Bitesize. This month's focus is on the severity of addictions in the UK. With over 1.6 million people in England dependent on alcohol; 1 in 5 children live with a parent who drinks harmful amounts of alcohol, whilst children of addicts are 8 times more likely to develop an addiction themselves.

  • 18 Dec

    Watch our latest film to learn about the services available at Priory’s Roehampton Hospital. The film features our expert clinicians discussing the therapy treatments and excellent on-site facilities and you will also hear from ex-patients discuss their own recovery journey with Priory.

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