• 23 Sep

    Drug addiction help is available and there are different ways in which a person can seek help and treatment for drug addiction.

  • 16 Sep

    The rise of drug culture in the UK has seeped into youth culture, to the point where popular rites of passage for young people are now laced with the dangers associated with drugs.

  • 02 Aug

    The rise of the ‘bottomless brunch’ where unlimited alcohol is served, is fuelling dangerous levels of drinking among working professionals, says Dr Omair Ahmed, consultant psychiatrist at Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Birmingham.

  • 05 Jul

    To "digital detox" or not to detox, discussing the limiting of digital connection in addiction therapy treatment and why it's helpful, by Jeff van Reenen, ATP Manager at Priory Chelmsford.

  • 13 May

    There is mounting anecdotal evidence to suggest the use of ‘smart drugs’ is increasing, particularly amongst young people such as students. Priory looks at the dangers and drawbacks involved.

  • 22 Feb

    Sex and love addiction is not measured or diagnosed in quantity but instead by the negative impact and consequences associated with the behaviour on self and others.

  • 18 Dec

    Watch our latest film to learn about the services available at Priory’s Roehampton Hospital. The film features our expert clinicians discussing the therapy treatments and excellent on-site facilities and you will also hear from ex-patients discuss their own recovery journey with Priory.

  • 16 Nov

    Dr Ian Drever, from Priory Hospital Woking, said middle-aged Woking residents were “unwittingly” taking serious risks with their health - and ending up in hospital - because they “do not realise they are drinking too much”.

  • 13 Oct

    New film from The Priory Group features patients treated at the Priory Hospital Woking, discussing their journey through treatment to recovery.

  • 06 May

    So often we see headlines discussing the disturbing levels of addiction within society, whether it’s worries about the amount of alcohol we drink or the fact that nearly one in three adults has admitted taking an illegal substance in their life, as highlighted in The Guardian.

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