• 14 Mar

    Find out the common reasons why alcohol and depression become connected, and the steps that someone can follow in order to help them to beat the vicious cycle.

  • 09 Mar

    We will show you what symptoms to look out for and how you can help a teenager to minimise disruption to their life and reduce the likelihood of long-term mental health issues.

  • 06 Feb

    If you suffer from depression, you may sometimes find it tough to perform the tasks you need to do as part of your job. Dr Marinus Klijnsma, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Chelmsford has outlined the steps that you can take if you are struggling to go to work as a result of your depression.

  • 30 Jan

    This month we spoke to Priory expert and Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Nathan Anthony, about seasonal affective disorder (SAD). With shorter days and darker nights, cold weather and the pressures of Christmas only just behind us, we explore the difference between the 'winter blues' and this serious mental health condition.

  • 30 Jan

    Eight in ten parents believe unsuccessful or painful breastfeeding is a key factor contributing to depression in new mums, according to a Priory survey.

  • 29 Jan

    If you are living with depression, discover ways to cope with the early stages, and find information on the treatment that is available to you.

  • 24 Jan

    Dr Van Zwanenberg, clinical director of Priory's Wellbeing Clinics, and medical director of Priory's Woodbourne Hospital explains how the signs of depression in teens can vary between the environments of home and school, and the steps both parents and teachers can take to make sure a teenager gets the support that they need.

  • 23 Jan

    Priory will be supporting two local events in Worcestershire and the Midlands, each aiming to address common myths around mental health.

  • 30 Nov

    During National Men’s Health Awareness Month in November, we spoke to Medical Director Johannes Van Niekerk at The Priory Hospital Bristol, about the concerning rise of depression and suicide amongst men. Throughout our discussion, we explored why this rise is taking place and what can be done to help.

  • 23 Nov

    Mental health difficulties, including depression, don’t just affect adults; in fact, they are becoming increasingly common in children and young people.

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