Student Mental Health

  • 14 Sep

    With up to 565,000 students beginning university this autumn Priory child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg urges young adults to focus on their mental health.

  • 19 Sep

    Over a quarter of students have reported suffering with mental health problems, but what is the reason for this, and is there something we can do?

  • 07 Sep

    Moving to secondary school can fuel negative image issues for children desperately trying to "fit in". Priory's Dr Jasti provides top tips on how to ease the transition.

  • 13 May

    There is mounting anecdotal evidence to suggest the use of ‘smart drugs’ is increasing, particularly amongst young people such as students. Priory looks at the dangers and drawbacks involved.

  • 22 Mar

    Priory's Dr Hayley Van Zwanenberg, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from Woodbourne Priory Hospital, provides advice for parents who may be concerned their child is affected by sexting.