Approach to Treatment

Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

We understand that young people can feel vulnerable and daunted by coming into hospital. At the Priory, our specialist child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) deliver a range of individually tailored treatment programmes which are specifically designed to suit the unique requirements of the young people in our care. Using a sensitive and supportive approach, we aim to deliver appropriate and effective treatment within the most relaxed and least restictive environment possible, whilst also providing a sense of security and stability for the young person.

To make this process as smooth as possible, our specialist CAMHS teams work closely with healthcare professionals within the community who have referred the young person to the Priory’s services. This allows us to be fully prepared for any special requirements that the child or young person may have.

Family and carer support

Every young person requires continual support both during their treatment programme at the Priory and in the recovery period beyond. We therefore encourage parents, carers or guardians to be involved in the young person’s treatment programme.

Discreet meeting rooms enable the young person to spend time with their family, whilst we maintain regular contact with parents, carers or guardians to provide advice and support. We also offer specialised therapy programmes and support groups for families and carers.

The Care Programme Approach (CPA)

The Care Programme Approach (CPA) forms the basis of care planning for young people undergoing treatment at the Priory. The CPA provides us with the opportunity to regularly review the young person’s progress during their treatment with us, and adapt their treatment objectives accordingly. The CPA includes members of the Priory hospital, alongside family and other healthcare professionals who are involved in the care and treatment of the young person.

Older adolescents

For older adolescents reaching the age of 17 and a half and upwards, we are able to provide a seamless transition into our adult services. This transition offers minimal disruption for the young person, due to familiarity of the service and the Priory hospital providing the care.

If this next step is required, it will be discussed with the young person, their family or carer, along with community and other healthcare professionals as part of their ongoing care plan.