Tier 4 acute units

As most young people are referred to a Tier 4 acute service as an emergency, Priory Healthcare offers a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provision, and young people can be admitted to us on a formal or informal basis.

Referrals are reviewed and where appropriate, the admission is swiftly arranged.

The main aim of a Tier 4 acute unit is to provide effective and timely treatment to enable the young person to reintegrate back into the community. Our models of care are tailored to the unique needs of each young person, to achieve positive outcomes.

This service provides care and treatment for young people aged between 13 and 18 with:

  • Acute mental health presentations
  • Risk to self or others or from others

A young person will progress within the Tier 4 acute service at their own pace and our multidisciplinary team (MDT) will work with young people to:

  • Develop trust and a safe framework for recovery
  • Support their education and their family or carers
  • Re-integrate young people back to their home lives so their treatment can continue in the community

Priory Healthcare sites which provide this service are The Priory Hospital Chelmsford, North London, Roehampton, Southampton, Ticehurst House and Woodbourne. A comprehensive education programme is also offered in our Ofsted registered schools.

For further details on how Priory can provide you with further assistance regarding Tier 4 acute units, please call 0800 840 3219. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here