Case Studies

Case Study One - Recovery F1rst

The hospital is a 72-bedded locked facility and provides care for people who have serious and complex mental health problems, including autistic spectrum conditions, learning difficulties and personality disorder.

Recovery F1rst has partnerships with organisations who will further support recovery and discharge into safe community living. Through working with these other organisations we can ensure that being discharged from Recovery F1rst is not the end of a service user’s journey through our care pathway. Rather it is just the beginning.

Priory provides the nursing and support staff, support services and the premises, and all the clinical services afor Recover F1rst, with the rest of the multidisciplinary team being provided by GMW.  This combination enables provision at a competitive rate which helps reduce the cost of placements to the NHS.

Recovery F1rst has developed strong integrated organisational governance processes based on those used by Priory and GMW. We have also married the expert NHS clinical processes with the business focus of Priory. This is resulting in us providing a prompt, effective response to referrals, with immediate assessment of individuals available.

The recent and first CQC inspection was very complimentary about Recovery F1rst, its staff and the services provided.

Case Study Two - Forward Thinking Birmingham 

Located in Widnes, Recovery F1rst is a joint venture between Priory Healthcare and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMW).

Forward Thinking Birmingham is a partnership between Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Worcestershire Health and Care Trust, Priory Group, Beacon UK and The Children’s Society. From 1 October 2015, the partnership will be providing innovative and integrated mental health services for children and young adults; community services from 0-25 years old and inpatient services from 18-25 years old.  There will be a single 24/7 phone number, a single electronic care record, and a single keyworker. 

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Case Study Three - Care Pathway Collaboration

Melling Acres, Liverpool – Priory Group residential care home for people with learning disabilities

In the summer of 2014, CJ’s staff identified that CJ had been requesting her PRN Lorazepam on a daily basis for over 6 months. I felt that we needed to address this as CQC had raised this issue on an inspection. We decided to speak to the RMN at Mersey Care NHS Trust’s CMHT in Southport, and the decision was made to discontinue the Lorazepam as a PRN. We informed CJ of this using verbal information and showing her easy-read information, as CJ was also on Diazepam and they both had similar impact. CJ did not like this and displayed verbal and physical aggression towards staff over several days, which the CMHT was informed about. However on the Monday, CJ was a lot calmer and apologetic to those who she had displayed aggression to. I liaised with the CMHT to inform them of CJ’s progress. On speaking to CJ’s RMN, I was informed that she was transferring to the Whiston CMHT.

We worked well with the Southport and Whiston CMHTs to ensure a smooth transition for CJ and that they were made aware of CJ’s history with drug addiction, alcohol, prescribed medication and over-the-counter medications. She is now off all her PRN medication and we have worked with the local GP who is aware of CJ’s addiction problems, and now prescribes topical creams instead of tablets for ailments such as headaches and aches and pains. This consistent approach has significantly reduced CJ’s anxiety and her desire to make frequent health appointments. Cheshire and Cheshire West Council said they were extremely impressed with the work that had been undertaken and had never anticipated that this level of medication reduction could have been achieved.

Service Manager, Melling Acres


To all the staff at Church View Rotherham
[Priory Group residential care service for younger adults with mental health needs]

I would like to say a massive thank you in recognition for the depth of understanding and care in very difficult and very challenging circumstances that you have afforded my client over several months, battling on. I feel sure that he would have been readmitted to hospital if he had been anywhere else! You have saved this man that trauma, and the NHS. I think staff have gone above and beyond and thought nothing of it and that’s down to all your individual characters. What a great team! My team at Stapleton Road have all been hearing of this week to week and of your success now as ‘we have him back.

With much appreciation

Care Coordinator, Recovery Team Mental Health Service
Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust