We provide community services in service users’ homes, community venues, wellbeing centres, hospitals, schools and colleges across the UK.

Our services include:

Face-to-face treatment programmes

  • We provide a wide range of multi-disciplinary treatment programmes out of 24 bases across England, Wales and Scotland. 
  • Treatment includes psychology, all forms of NICE-recommended psychological therapy, psychiatry and occupational therapy.
  • The number of bases will increase significantly over time, particularly with the roll-out of our wellbeing centres, which are conveniently located in towns and cities for referral and self-referrals.

Face-to-face intensive day programmes

  • We provide intensive day programmes, particularly for eating disorders and addictions, which are used to facilitate earlier discharge and as an alternative to inpatient admission.
  • These full-day programmes take place over several days each week, and involve a range of individual and group interventions, with peer mentoring a key component.

Remote mental health treatment and support via internet, video and telephone

  • We offer online treatment programmes, for example online CBT.
  • We provide a large amount of self-management information and advice via our website.
  • We also provide remote support via telephone and video.

Supported living with multi-disciplinary expertise

  • A fully inclusive range of support packages are available. These include everything from 24 hour support to just a couple of visits per week to people in their own living space, click here to read more about our supported living services (Craegmoor).

Mental health and learning disabilities outreach

  • We offer flexible support as and when people need it, where they need it (e.g. support with activities in the community for younger people living in family homes).

Education and education outreach

  • We provide day and residential education for children and young people with mental health needs, neurodevelopmental conditions and emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • We provide education from our own premises and also on behalf of CAMHS providers.
  • We also provide specialist outreach advice and support to other education providers.

To find out more Contact Dr Felix Davies, Director of Community Mental Health, to discuss how a community partnership with Priory could help your Trust. Phone: 07824 989 656 or email felixdavies@priorygroup.com