Our vision is to establish partnerships that deliver the highest possible quality of whole-person community education, health and social care across the lifespan, via integrated care pathways from hospital to home.

In implementing our vision we aim to:

  • Be ambitious with our partners in achieving the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders, by implementing, and adding to, state-of-the-art evidence through research and innovation

  • Work with our partners to design and develop service models from the ground up, based on research evidence and community engagement and co-production – giving more information, choice and power to service users, carers, families and commissioners.

  • Be proactive and strategic in the way we work with partners to ensure that our services are of reliably high quality now and into the future.

  • Extend our community provision into new products and new markets, such as criminal justice, and primary and secondary care generic and specialist mental health and learning disabilities services.

    • To find out more Contact Dr Felix Davies, Director of Community Mental Health, to discuss how a community partnership with Priory could help your Trust. Phone 07824 989 656 or email felixdavies@priorygroup.com