Complex care

The Priory offers a specialist mental health rehabilitation and recovery service providing the highest quality of support for people with complex and intensive or continuing mental health care needs.

We provide professional rehabilitation services within an appropriate recovery model, which best suits the needs of the individual to achieve their care goals. Care is personalised through active engagement with the service user and their families where possible in their treatment plans, to provide increased self care and self confidence.

Following an assessment period our multidisciplinary teams will prepare a detailed, holistic and personalised plan highlighting treatment issues and the required rehabilitation pathway, within an adaptable, stable and safe environment.

    Our service user group-

    • A person with major and complex mental health problems who has become ‘stuck’ and non-progressive in their recover who would benefit from assessment and therapeutic engagement and treatment
    • A person who is transitioning from a highly supported setting to a less supported placement, this includes people leaving forensic or secure services, leaving out-of-area placements or with a history of failed placements
    • A person who needs help in overcoming disabilities associated with severe and complex mental health problems and who will also benefit from a structured environment and our intensive therapeutic programmes
    • A person with major and complex mental health needs who cannot be discharged from an acute ward but is unlikely to benefit further from an acute ward environment
    • A person who needs care, support and treatment in an environment which is rehabilitative and may be longer-term
    • A person whose recovery will be limited, and who may need palliative care.

    The Priory can help-

    Our highly experienced, multi disciplinary teams understand the importance of encouraging and supporting individuals to live as independently as possible. This means that where appropriate, individuals receiving care will be able to transition between Priory and community-based services seamlessly, and can be sure of receiving the most effective continuity of care possible.

    With the aim of improving quality of life, we offer a number of opportunities to empower the individual and allow them to recapture skills and abilities that they may have lost. We provide activities and engagement programmes which play a key part in rehabilitation programmes, and actively encourage the individual to take part in various forms of exercise such as walking groups and exercise classes.

    Our outcomes equal your success-

    The Priory’s emphasis on promoting a unique and highly personalised approach to treatment enables us to offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic programmes, which are tailored according to the severity and complexity of the individual’s illness. We strive to deliver our psychological expertise alongside positive and measurable outcomes, which is why 98% of individuals in our care achieved or partially achieved all of their personalised goals during a six month pilot in 2012.

    At the Priory, all of our care is delivered within a safe and caring environment, which seeks to meet the individual’s needs through positive behavioural support, and within thriving communities. We strive to adapt the living space to ensure a feeling of safety. We engage service users in a range of activities, and respond to them in a respectful and compassionate way. This means that individuals are calmer, require less medication and as a result, need less intrusive supportive observations. For this reason, we are proud to report that in 2011, 95% of those within our care were happy with the support that they received from their Priory support worker.

    The Priory have produced a pdf download which lists the locations of all of our complex care hospitals.

    For our sites located in England and Wales, click here to download.

    Priory Pathways

    From admission to recovery our service users can progress through our seamless and integrated care pathways, for further information: click here.

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