Approach to Treatment

Complex Care

At the Priory, our dedicated mental health teams take pride in being the UK’s leading independent provider of specialist mental health services. We deliver tailored care and treatment according to the unique needs of each individual; this offers the people in our care the best possible opportunity to enhance their quality of life and achieve positive and measurable outcomes with us.   

We strive to achieve a holistic approach to treatment. This approach enables the opinions and feedback from the individual receiving care, their family and relevant healthcare professionals, to be incorporated into personalised care programmes. We believe that this approach provides the most effective outcomes, and ensures that everyone is an integral part of the care that we deliver for the individual.

We also believe that providing the highest quality of care means not just adhering to regulatory frameworks, but excelling in order to continuously enhance the standard of service we provide. Undergoing a process of regular internal auditing enables our teams to reflect on our existing practices, which maintains and drives our excellent quality standards.

The Care Programme Approach to treatment

The Care Programme Approach (CPA) forms the basis of the care planning process. It provides the opportunity for us to review the individual’s progress during treatment, based on their defined treatment objectives. Specialist clinicians from the Priory site delivering the treatment agree objectives alongside the individual, their family, carers and other community healthcare professionals, such as commissioners. We encourage the individual to be actively involved in designing their own care pathway, so that we are able to meet their specific needs and requests most effectively.

Our care programmes

With a nationwide network of specialist mental health facilities, the Priory Group provides a range of services which enable the individual to receive flexible and multi-directional care pathways according to their needs and the progression of their treatment. Below are some of the programmes which we have designed to cater for particular specialist requirements that the individual may need:

  • Intensive mental health rehabilitation programme - If an individual has had a history of failed discharges back into the community, or has had recurrent admissions into hospital, the Priory can provide an intensive period of rehabilitation and stabilisation prior to discharge. We offer support within an environment that promotes independence and prepares the individual for discharge back into the community setting when they are ready.

  • Continuing care mental health rehabilitation programme - This programme supports the individual within a safe and open environment for a longer period of time, promoting independence within low stimulus surroundings.

  • Longer term and end of life care - We support individuals at every stage of their life, including those nearing the end of their lives. We treat every individual with respect and dignity, managing their physical and mental health in a safe, comfortable and engaging environment.

  • Assessment and admission service - In addition to planned placements, our responsive and speedy assessment and admission service means an individual can be assessed by a consultant psychiatrist within three days of referral. That person can then be admitted within ten days once authorisation is obtained.  When necessary, we also strive to enable individuals to be admitted immediately in crisis situations.

Taking the next step to independence

Designed with the aim of independent living in mind, our step down service encourages the individual to live as independently as possible whenever this is appropriate.

With services available both at our sites and within the community, we work closely with internal teams as well as relevant local healthcare professionals to provide a seamless and comprehensive care pathway for the individual. Most importantly, this approach ensures that the individual will receive accessible psychological expertise, continuity of care and the delivery of positive outcomes throughout every stage of their care programme.