Complex Care – Services and Locations

At Priory we work across the UK providing compassionate, innovative and personalised care for individuals who have complex mental health conditions. Our service users include those with:

Dementia-related illnesses, for example Huntington’s Disease and Korsakoff’s;

Learning disabilities (LD) and/or autistic spectrum conditions (ASC), together with complex mental health issues;

Mental health conditions who are resistant to rehabilitation or treatment;

• Neuro-disabilities, such as acquired brain injury or locked-in syndrome;

Very complex presentations, with stable mental health and manageable behaviour. We care for these service users in transitional living units with enhanced residential care; and 

Older people whose physical condition overrides their mental health condition, for example those who are stepped down from secure facilities.

More information on our services:

Intensive Rehabilitation Services
Forensic Step Down - Locked Intensive Rehabilitation
Learning Disability Services 
Neuro rehabilitation
Female Personality Disorder with DBT Services
Dementia and Korsakoff Services 
Older Adults Complex Care Services
Huntington’s Disease Services 
Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) Services