Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC)

These services are highly specialist inpatient services for Service Users with an Austistic Spectrum Condition or autistic traits. Admissions come both from the community and from acute mental health wards where service users may have been inappropriately placed.

Admissions are geared towards caring for a patient through a mental health or behavioural crisis and delivering a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. Patients receive specialist care in a structured and predictable environment ensuring the safest recovery as quickly as possible.

The programmes, delivered by a multi-disciplinary team, are built around individuals' abilities and tolerance to stress and focus on improving daily activity, living skills and community integration. Facilities include spacious en-suite bedrooms, communal relaxation areas, controlled access to IT facilities, dedicated garden, quiet rooms and therapy and activity rooms.

Specialist consultant, nursing and care staff with exceptionally low staff turnover and many years of expertise supporting people with ASC;
Specially designed environments and meaningful activities;
Management of co-morbid mental illness such as schizophrenia;
Managing and identifying triggers to reduce levels of incidence;and 
Demonstrable pathway from acute admission to specialist residential placements and Supported Living in the community.

These services are available at:

Priory Hayes Grove, the Keston Unit – Kent

If you have a question about our ASC, call us on 0207 605 0926 or email