Dementia Services

Priory provides a full pathway for adults with dementia including Korsakoff’s, psychosis and alcohol induced dementia, presenile/early-onset dementia and additional behaviours that challenge and other comorbities.

Our Service Users are referred from multiple services (Secure, direct from home, NHS acute wards, Crisis teams, inappropriate Nursing Home and Mental Health placements).

Priory provides the full pathway of care including 24/7 emergency admissions, assessment and treatment and longer stay treatment units.
Full multidisciplinary teams dedicated to dementia wards and unique expertise in working with adults with dementia.
The services’ interior design is created specifically for service users with dementia with specialist flooring, lighting, signage and colours.
Staff receive specialist dementia training to maximise function, combat co-morbidities, minimise distress, minimise the use of psychotropic medication and reduce risks to the individual and to others.

These services are available at:

Priory Hospital Hemel Hempstead – Hemel Hempstead

If you have a question about our Dementia and Korsakoff services, call us on 0845 000 5050 or email: