Huntington’s Disease Care and Locations

Priory is renowned for its expertise and care in services for people with Huntington’s Disease as well as other degenerative organic disorders.

Our aim is to ensure optimum quality of life for our residents within the limitations posed by their illnesses;
Excellent rehabilitative pathway for those with less progressive presentation;
Dedicated and specialist staff teams provide support to both service users and their families through the challenge of their illnesses;
We work with local and international societies to ensure that we provide the best and most appropriate care possible;
Our staff provide excellent end of life care for those requiring palliative care.

This service is available at:

Priory Hospital St Neots - Cambridgeshire
Priory Hospital Bristol - Bristol
Priory Hospital Heathfield – East Sussex

If you have a question about our Huntington’s Disease services, call us on 0207 605 0926 or email