Neuro rehabilitation

The Priory Group is uniquely placed to work with Commissioners to deliver the entire Neuro rehabilitation pathway. We have a number of facilities nationwide to work with clinicians, service users and families to provide consistent and transformative care.

Priory Hospital Highbank

The Priory Highbank Centre specialises in neuro-psychiatry, neurological rehabilitation and continuing and cognitive care services.

Services provided through a number of units include:

Adult neuro-psychiatry 
Adult brain injury and neurological rehabilitation
Children brain injury and neurological rehabilitation
Adult Continuing Care for neuro-psychiatry and brain injury

1) High competency in the management of Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC) including Sensory Modality and Rehabilitation Technique (SMART®);
2) Highly skilled in the assessment and the management of tracheotomies and ventilators; and 
3) Management of patients presenting with organic conditions.

Neuro Step Down

These services provide individually assessed packages of care that support community integration and the retention and development of skills for daily living. We work with service users to retain the highest levels of independence and dignity; embracing service users' needs using a holistic, person centred approach.

Service users are symptomatic – organic and functional – and may have severe, enduring and co-morbid conditions with significant risk histories.

Organic conditions include chronic organic brain syndrome and neurodegenerative conditions such as Huntington’s disease, early onset dementia, dementia, Pick’s disease and Korsakoff’s syndrome.
Functional conditions include treatment resistant schizophrenia, psychosis, mood disorders and drug and alcohol induced illnesses.

Service users can present with behaviours that challenge and may have a personality disorder, learning disability or autistic spectrum condition as a secondary diagnosis.

These services are available at:

The Priory Hospital Hemel Hempstead
Mount Eveswell – South Wales